Dance Trouser vs. Regular Trouser

Welcome to another episode of Life with LeNique! In an earlier episode, we talked about the differences between a Regular jacket and a dance jacket.  Today we are going to talk about men’s trousers.

Usually, when people first start out during their lesson will wear relaxed-fitting pants or track pants. Then when it comes time to do performance they and they put on their nice black slacks and realize they are restricted. Regular slacks look nice but they are not made for dancing.


When wearing dance trousers for the first time, it will take some getting used to. It can be a little uncomfortable because the trousers are cut much higher in the crotch area to allow the dancer to do splits or lunges easily.

  • Stretch fabric in dance trousers is important for the dancer to move more freely.                                     

  • Typically we do not put pockets in dance trousers. No pockets creates a smoother and longer leg line. (Pockets are an option)

Most dance trousers will not have belt loops either. It is the best way to avoid wardrobe disasters such as a belt buckle snagging on your dance partner’s dress. Don’t worry about the trousers slipping off. Here at LeNique we use a rubber interfacing with a non-slip surface which will help keep your pants in place.


On LeNique trousers we always a double hook, double eyes, and we use also use YKK zips.  


Most important of all we double stitch the seams to make the trousers even more sturdy. Be sure any dance pants you own are double stitched in the back seam and the crotch.

Satin Stripe on the side of the trousers is optional depending on your style and what you like. 


Nick Kosovich is the former United States and World American Ballroom Champion. After competing for 36 years he retired from competition dancing in 2005.

Nick is an Emmy Nominated Choreographer for Dancing with the Stars He also was a professional dancer on Season 2 and Season 3 of Dancing with the Stars.

He is from Perth, Australia  and the Co- Founder of LeNique. He currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca with his wife and co-founder Lena Kosovich.