"What's in My Dance Bag?" with Lena Kosovich

Welcome to Life with LeNique! Today we are continuing with Lena’s tutorial on how to get ready for your dance competition. Today’s episode is all about “What’s in My Dance Bag?” What do you need to bring to your competitions, dance shows, or studio performances so you are as prepared as possible?


Dance Shoes

 Extra pair of dance shoes. You never know if will ever have a shoe malfunction. Its always good to have a backup pair.

Shoe Brush! 

You always need to make sure your shoes are nice, cleaned and dance ready before you start your rounds.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 5.03.04 PM.png

Slippers or House Shoes

Ballroom dance shoes are not always the most comfortable. It is best to bring a pair of slippers or house shoe to rest your feet between rounds.

Scarf or aBlanket! 

For those of you who have been to a competition before we all know how the venues or hotels like to blast the A/C.  We need to make sure we are not shivering before we start dancing. Always have a blanket or scarf to keep you body warm even in-between rounds. 

Dance Jacket! 

Another and probably the best way to keep warm are to have your dance jacket. Don’t let your body get cold even after dancing. For the ladies out there, it’s always good to hide your dress before going on the floor.


Always carry your hairspray. Yes, you get you hair done professionally, but after so many round you may not have time to go into the hotel room to touch up. Always carry your hairspray.

One of the best things to do for the little items is to organize them in a clear tote or bag that have compartments. Clear bags are best to make it easier to search for your items.

Shout/Laundry Wipes! 

This is best to keep your garments clean and Lena’s favorite product.


Never know when you have a loose thread on your suits, pants, or dance dress. Always make sure you look your best before going out on the floor.

Repair Sewing kit! 

It is best to carry black and white thread, couple of needles, and some safety pins. You never know when you need to do a last minute repair.

Toothbrush and Breath mints!

Dragon breath is not attractive. Last thing you want on the dance floor is having a partner or being the partner with bad breath. Carry and and your tooth brush! 

Scented Oils! 

These can be calming and relaxing. Good for the nerves before you start dancing.

Cosmetic Repair! 

Perfume, to make sure you always smell good. Best things to carry foundation, bronzer, lipstick, and a couple of brushes.

E6000 Glue! 

WARNING! This is very toxic! DO NOT get it on your skin and DO NOT inhale. So, be careful when applying! It is the best glue to use for small repairs like your shoes and it dries very quickly.

Bottle of Water! 

Make sure you are always hydrated. Ballroom dancing is a sport and you will exert a lot of energy.

Makeup Remover! 

It is always good to have to take of your makeup or if you need to retouch.

Energy Bar/Snacks! 

You never want to pass out from hunger on the dance floor. Be sure to caring and snack regularly to keep your energy up. Nuts, Fruits and snack bars are great to have in the ballroom with you.


Never know when you will need them incase you lose some while dancing. Keep that hair extra stable. Best to keep them in a little pouch.

Cell Phone! 

So you can call, text, or post on social about your great result while wearing your LeNique dress or suit! ^_^

LeNique Fan! 

In case you get too hot. We’ll have them at our booth if you need any! 

Lena Kosovich is a United States and World American Ballroom Champion. She was born in Russia and has trained in ballet, folk and every style of ballroom dancing. She is featured on theBenise: The Spanish Guitar (2010) DVD and has appeared on television including Dancing With the Stars.  

She worked as an Assistant Designer on Dancing With the Stars and as a Designer for So You Think Can Dance and Dance Your Ass Off (2009). She is LeNique Co-Founder with husband Nick Kosovich.