How to Press the Dress with Lena Kosovich

        Welcome back to another episode of LIFE With LENIQUE! Today’s episode is about How to press your dress with the amazing Lena Kosovich.  Before a competition make sure to check your dress and make sure it is wrinkle free and dance ready. 


As soon as you get to the hotel turn on your shower with hot water. Let the shower steam up. Take your dresses out and hang them near the steam. Be sure not to get the Dress wet. The steam from the hot shower will do most of the job.


However, satin skirts or silk charmeuse skirts are very stubborn when it come to getting wrinkles out. So as a ballroom dancer, it would be a great idea to go out and purchase a portable steamer. Plug it in and in a few seconds steam will come out.


When the steamer is ready, start steaming the skirt. Make sure you do not press directly against the skirt because you could wet the fabric. If you have a wet spot here or there don’t worry it should dry fast. Steam next to the fabric without touching it. Make take a couple of minutes but it is a pretty simple process.

Lena Kosovich is a United States and World American Ballroom Champion. She was born in Russia and has trained in ballet, folk and every style of ballroom dancing. She is featured on theBenise: The Spanish Guitar (2010) DVD and has appeared on television including Dancing With the Stars.  

She worked as an Assistant Designer on Dancing With the Stars and as a Designer for So You Think Can Dance and Dance Your Ass Off (2009). She is LeNique Co-Founder with husband Nick Kosovich.