Design a Dress: Part 1 with Lena Kosovich

Welcome to another episode of Life with LeNique! Today we will be talking about the Design a Dress project. Many of you have tuned in and voted on two beautiful dresses! But, there can only be one winner. The winning dress for Design a Dress is design number 2!

Our sponsored dancer who will be wearing the dress at the Unique Dance-A-Rama competition is Jude Coraldi! Jude Coraldi is a runner-up in the National and World Arthur Murray Championships, she has been a finalist in major national championships in American smooth, and she is not only an active competitor but she is also a manager at one of the top Arthur Murray studio in the United States.

Today, Lena and Jude will be discussing the inspiration and creative choices for the winning dress!

The dress will be displayed on Saturday, July 15th at the Unique Dance-A-Rama!

Design 2

Design 2