Dress Maintenance with Lena Kosovich

When it comes time to wash your LeNique dress, there are a few tips and tricks you should know beforehand.

Firstly, LeNique dresses are handmade with Swarovski crystals and elegant fabrics, so using a gentle touch is key when cleaning your gown.

Secondly, remember not all dresses can be hand washed. Make sure to check the inside care label of your dress before washing it. “If it says dry clean only, then the dress is dry clean only,” says LeNique founder, Lena Kosovich.

Dance crepe, polyester charmeuse, and silk charmeuse are examples of fabrics that cannot be washed. Dresses with those fabrics should be dry cleaned.

Stretch mesh, lycra, fringes and polyester chiffon, are all fabrics that can be washed by hand.

Watch Lena’s tutorial on how to clean your dress below!

What you will need:

  • Plenty of fresh, clean towels

  • Bowl of warm water

  • Dish soap (like Dawn dish soap)

Step 1: Before washing your dress be sure to read the inside care label. If it says dry clean only, please take it to a dry cleaner. Remember, not every fabric can be washed.

Step 2: Take a dry towel, place inside dress under the section you will be cleaning.






Step 3: Mix dish soap in bowl of warm water. The dish soap works well to loosen the dirt and oils from the fabric without ruining it.





Step 4: Keep one hand inside the dress underneath the first towel where you will be washing. Wet a second towel in the bowl of detergent.





Step 5: Lightly, without scrubbing too hard, begin to wash the dress. Remove towel from inside of the dress when finished.





Step 6: Rinse dress out in the sink with warm water. Lightly press and squeeze excess water from dress.






Step 7: Towel dry. Place one clean, dry towel inside the dress and use the other half of the towel on the outside of the dress. Press excess water away. Do not scrub. Use the towel to absorb the water.




Step 8: Once it feels merely damp, lay the dress flat onto another towel to finish air drying. If washing the whole dress, simply hang the dress on a hanger after towel drying it.





We hope you have enjoyed this segment of Life with LeNique! Tune in next week for our segment on competition hairstyling with Snow Urbin.

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